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World Wide Web Price list
Simple straight forward web design and layouts that are easy to use for any
visitor to your site, Isn't that what you really need to sell your products or services?
AAA assumes development of a World Wide Web Site for your company from the information and marketing materials your company provides. AAA can develop and design marketing materials for use in other mediums (Print, Video, Audio, Tape, CD-ROM, etc.), AS WELL AS THE INTERNET, at our current hourly rates.

We will be happy to help you begin or update your brochures, advertisements, flyers, videos or even design a company LOGO for you.

Our Hourly Rates:
Website development, Wordpress set up, Youtube Set up and management, Original Artwork andDesign, Photoshop Services, 1 Camera Digital Video Capture and Basic Post, Onsite Photography, $85.00 per hour.
Domain and Competitive Web Research, Copy Writing, Web Marketing Services, Standard Webpage Format and Updating, Search Engine Optimization Formatting and Google AdWords, Travel time per vehicle (plus mileage) is $50.00 per hour.

For video, additional equipment required and any stage or location management is not included in basic 1 camera capture rate. Per project webpage cost depends on the number of pages and quality of information submitted to us to develop the pages.   What does that mean? Documents in straight email text or word will cost less than from handwritten sheets of notes to format pages. A CDROM of all images and graphics in 72 DPI RGB mode will cost less to format than an envelope of photo prints that will need to be scanned, sized and cropped for the web pages. BTW, We can DO a lot in an hour if the content is given to us in the right format to begin with. Don't pay us to type your text!   Or please DO pay us to create it!

A Few Work Project Examples:
The examples may be 100% AAA work or may contain design, photos or video done by us
Please click on any of the site addresses below to visit that site.
Motorcycletrailer.com Sibley, IA http://www.motorcycletrailer.com
FIHotrods.com La Habra, CA http://fihotrods.com/
Kotto Autoglass La Habra, CA http://kottoautoglass.com/
Pilgrim Fence Los Angeles, CA http://pilgrimfence.com/
Hitch Doc Jackson, MN http://www.hitchdoc.com
Jeddeloh Inc. Sibley, IA http://www.jedford.com
Dual Dozer by Hitch Doc Jackson, MN http://www.dualdozer.com
Sandpiper Spreader by Hitch Doc Jackson, MN http://www.sandpiperspreader.com

We also help you find cost effective printing on newsprint for brochures, handouts or mailers.
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Digital material to be received from client for Web site development must be in either email attachment or CD-ROM. All graphics to be in TIF PIC GIF or JPG, (72 DPI RGB preferred for web sites) format. There will be a charge to format provided graphics in PHOTOSHOP for the web page (if needed). Data or text to be in Excell, ASCII text, Notetab Text, Mac Simple Text, or MS WORD. Mac or PC. MS WORD text will be converted to plain text at no additional charge. All files may be accepted from client subject to inspection.

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